02 – How Did the Argentine Tango Begin?

How Did the Argentine Tango Begin?

Learn the history of the Argentine Tango in this tango dance video from Howcast.

Hi, my name is Ana Padron. And my name is Diego Blanco. We have been dancing the Argentine Tango together for 12 years. And we are professional teachers, choreographers and performers. We graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in the Performing Fine Arts. Where we are trained in ballet then modern. We’ve traveled through Asia, through Europe, through… The Caribbean. And through South America teaching dancing and performing. In the various festivals around the world. Now, we reside in Manhattan where we teach and perform our local as well as all over the United States. What drives me to tango everyday, every time I teach it, every time I dance it with someone, is the interaction you have between the couple. It’s 3 minutes where you don’t talk and you concentrate in your body, and your understanding of each other’s body, and just language that happens through the body. And very magical moments can happen with complete strangers, people that you’ve never, you can’t even speak their own language. But, you dance with them, and you enjoy it and you really have fun. So, tango really speaks to me because of that. When a song moves you, it really comes from the core of your body and it makes your whole body move. To learn more about us and sign up for our classes and watch more of our performances, you can find us at TangoForAll.com.

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