Karussel med fejning

Samme karussel, men her bliver følgeren ‘sat’ – gå lidt ned i knæ, på ståbenent, det ‘løse’ ben strækkes, hvorefter følgeren laver fejning i karussellen.

Se videoen her –>

Diego: So what you’re going to do is your going to go into an ocho forward to the left. And from here you’re going to go planeo. What’s keeping me in balance is that I send her first and I follow her movement. So in slow motion if I can I will show you how it looks. From here I send her first then I continue with my body. You don’t want to do this on a crowded floor.

Ana: So the followers would just take his movement and just keeping doing apero around your partner.

Diego: When there’s a general lead around, followers know to do forward, side, back, side. Let’s try this with music.



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