Colgada betyder at hænge.

Colgadaen kan startes fra en til-side-parade.

Lær hvordan colgadaen skal laves af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco and Ana Padron i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video . Se videoen her –>


Hi. So, now we’re going to teach colgada.

Colgada is an off-axis movement that hangs. So colgada means to
hang. To practice it is good to take yourself and practice position, and
think back when you were young and you lean like so, and you run around,
like, in the park. The difference here in tango, and in dance, is that
we don’t throw our shoulders back because it’s too much to hold. So what
we do is, we bend our knees, and we pull from our tailbones. And this,
this is what creates the colgada. Never, ever, do this. You might fall
on the dance floor.

So it’s the same concept as keeping your spine straight from the
base of your spine to the crown of your head, and you’re just going to
pretend like you’re going to sit on a chair, keeping your back straight.
Since our heads weigh too much, that’ll send us off.

Right. You could practice this, to get the feeling of a colgada.
I’m going to teach you a colgada from the, from a side [colgada] here.
Now, we’re going to send the follower out.

By stretching your elbows slightly, and I will receive that and
stretch it from my hip. I’ll pretend like I’m sitting on the side of a


And I make sure to fill my partner’s hand.

Notice that we move together, as I send her out so do I, I send
myself out. Yes. Once you send the follower out, you have to shift your
weight like so, so you’re all going to be on one leg, which would be the
right for both of you. And then you turn. So, you’re going to go side,
parada, colgada, and then you’re going to step back to create the turn.
Let’s do it in one motion. Don’t be afraid to do a small one at first. A
colgada can be like this… but I want to show you something that you
can aim for.

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