Drejninger, retningsskift

Retningsskiftsdrejninger: til Milonga danser parrene i en cirkel mod urets retning, der er ofte mange mennesker, hvorfor det er nødvendigt at kunne skifte retning… og det er her drejningerne kommer ind.

Lær hvordan du laver et retningsskift af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco and Ana Padron i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video  her –>

Ana: Hi, so now we’re going to do some directional turns. We use directional turns because tango is very circular. You’re able to use any angle you like; you could go 45, 180, 360, or even 5 degrees.

Diego: Let’s take a look from the basic. If we take a side step, usually we’ll take a step forward in this direction. If we want to change the direction of what we do we step around our partner. Now, my direction goes this way. This will change the basic into a cross system but with turns to dance around. We can also do this to many degrees; say all of this space is covered and I cannot dance in any of these directions but only back. So, we have a side step and now we’ll turn around in a directional turn. So, the way we do it is by stepping around the center of our partner. If I step here, for instance and I shift my weight it’s going to give me this much. If I step very little, it’s going to give me a little less. If I step a lot around it’s going to give me more. So it all depends on how much torque you want to get in there.

Ana: A directional turn can be anywhere where Diego will place his foot. Make sure, leaders, that you do not step too much too close to our standing leg because this is where our access is. You want to go around our center. Followers, make sure that you keep your frame steady and intact so when he makes the turn you still keep your spine straight and weight towards the ball of your feet. Your heels will lift up slightly, just like the Ochos turning on the balls of your foot. If you do not keep your embrace intact as Diego rolls around you might not turn with him or you might collapse your upper body. You want to keep your frame tight so you’re able to turn with him.

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