Gancho eller krog findes i flere variationer :

  • Enganche (leg wrap), hvor en eller begge dansere vikler hendes/hans ben omkring partneres ben.
  • Gancho (hook), hvor kun den ene sparker / vikler sit ben
  • Gancho nuevo (Overturned gancho) kan føres fra en baglæns ocho
  • Piernazo (High leg wrap), hvor følgerens ganco er over førens talje

Se Gancho forklaret af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco og Ana Padron i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video her –>

Uddrag fra instruktionen:

A: Hi. Now, we’re going to teach you the gancho. We’re going to do it from a forward ocho and from a back ocho. A gancho, similar to a boleo , you’re going to take it from a rock step or from a stop. You’re going to brush the floor and try to kick your butt. Just brush the floor and try to brush from your hips. Just like a walk, but it’s just going to lift up, and you’re going to see why now.

B: A common mistake that most followers at the beginning do is, when they come around into the gancho, they leave it here. You want to put it all the way back. OK, let’s try it with the basic. Let’s take it from a back ocho.

From the back ocho, you’re going to over-rotate the back ocho. No longer are you going to lead it here, but you’re going to lead it closer to you. Place the foot around her foot into a gancho.

A: And, I brush back. I feel the lead just like a back step. Since his leg is in the way, that is what’s creating my leg to lift in the air.

B: We’ll continue in the basic, to a cross, forward ocho, and we stop the trailing leg. Now, we lead a back step and this allows the gancho to happen. Notice that I am not in a straight leg, otherwise she can’t do the gancho. I receive the gancho on a bent leg. This holds true for the gancho in the back ocho. Make a resolution, rosalida, from a forward step.

Let’s look at this from a different angle – we have an ocho, and we overturn one of the ochos, place it, come back to feet together. Go into the basic step, to the cross. Lead a forward step, but we stop it, as you probably would do in the sacada. So, think something like so.

And we rewind into the gancho. She takes a forward step, I place my feet together. I lead her into another forward step, we can re-embrace, and continue the dance.

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