Hele drejninger

Hele drejninger, enten højre om eller venstre om. Disse drejninger føres fra ‘Rock step’

Lær hvordan du laver drejninger – højre om eller venstre om – af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco og Ana Padron, i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video. Se den her –>

Uddrag fra instruktionen:

Q: Hi. So now we’re going to discover single axis turns to the right and to the left. So together the design of the single axis turns we’re going to actually create an axis by bringing our feet together so the center will be in our feet. And in order to create space and to create a turn we’re actually going to create a little ball of energy between our stomachs.

A: We do that by bending our knees. OK.

Q: And in the embrace there’ll be a little bit more compression between the palms. Diego will slightly extend his elbow which is going to send me back. This is how we create the space. So there’s a lot of buoyancy in the embrace here as we start to turn.

A: This foot is into a step. So, we’re going to go into the cross system rock step. Side. And now we’re in the cross system rock step. Now, we’re going to catch that forward step she’s stepping on and we’re going to turn on it. Don’t be afraid to repeat a couple of rock steps in order to get the feel of it. As long as you dance to the music, you’re fine. We’re going to take it from the cross system rock step. So here you are in the cross system rock step. Don’t about afraid to try a couple of rock steps before you actually get to this step. We catch this step and we send around.

Q: The lead for the follower the sensation is the same as a hero. Your partner is going to open the door and catch you to bring you into a sandwich. He will take your axis slightly off to create the turn together. So that’s the turn to the right.

A: To the left is the same thing, but to the left. So how do we do that? We go side, we change weight and instead of stepping on this side, we’re going to step on this side with the left. We do a rock step. And just like the other step we step at the same time. And send the rotation to happen, but this time to the left. So we have side, change weight. When we change weight we want to pivot a little bit right here guys so we get some space, especially if we’re in a close embrace. Side, step, step, rock step and then send. It’s a fun one so have fun.

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