Leg wrap

Til herrerne, siger jeg lige igen, dette er kun noget man fører en kvinde til, hvis man kender hende godt !

Lær hvordan du laver en Leg Wrap af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco og Ana Padron, i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video. Se den her –>

Uddrag fra instruktionen:

Ana: Hi, now we’re going to discover Leg Wraps.

Diego: We’re going to take that from a back ochos. Let’s try it. We’re
going to go side, give a back ochos feeling or a boleo feeling in this
case, insert the leg and she’s going to meet and do a leg wrap here. You
step onto it for it to be clear. Let’s take a look at it from this
perspective. Side, you step around and bend your knee, now you give sort
of a boleo feeling into the leg so… now she’s wrapping her leg around mine.
In order to get out of this we’re going to step onto the foot, try not to
move the lady into something, but rather step your weight onto that leg and
she will realize that she has to move the foot out of the way.

Ana: In order to feel these leads, the sensations are as so.
I know that it’s a boleo feeling or a back ocho and I know to extend my leg
because my partner has changed his level so I know to stretch my leg back.
As I come around, I know to maintain myself on that level because his
knees are still bent. Here I make contact with his upper leg. I know to
begin to wrap because he starts to transfer weight he starts to move over
to his right leg and there I can create a little wrap. As he transfers all
the weight I quickly take my legs out by bringing them together and we’re
ready for the next step.

Diego: Make sure that after you leave the boleo back around here, you bring
your leg close to her standing leg, so that she can be in balance. You
don’t have to look at any of these things, you have to feel. Tango is all
about feeling and what you want to do is touch her leg and she will be able
to wrap in balance. If you don’t, she’s going to be off balance, so you’re
going to be around.

Ana: Step closer to our standing leg.

Diego: Very hard.

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