Hvordan du fører en Sacada, vises af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco og Ana Padron i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video. Se den –>

Diego: So now we’re going to show you how to lead a Sacada for the follower. Okay, this is a more advanced step because you have to be precise in your lead and to be precise in your lead you have to have some years behind your back. But, nonetheless, you should still try it. Now, we’re going to go into cross system here and I’m going to take a step forward and I’m going to lead Anna to sacada on my back foot. Then, I’m going to lead her to sacada on my side foot. I also lead her to come two feet together as such. So there’s a lot of leading here but it’s fun. So we go forward, side, forward, side, forward, side. This type of movement that is mixed is also called a carena. So you learn a lot of things here.

Anna: An important part of the lead, is to maintain your partner going around and from here, you wanna make sure that you don’t overturn your partner to take a back step. You just want to bring her foot together and you’re having a lot of opposition from your upper body and your hips. Notice how when Diego takes a step, he maintains a circle motion. Followers, don’t be scared to step where your partner is leading you. Take a nice forward step and a nice side step, a nice forward step and a nice side step.

Diego: From here, you end up in a cross system, but you know how to go into a cross system so you can cross and get out of it.

Diego: As a leader it’s up to you. And there we have it.


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