Volcada betyder væltet.
Det vil sige at følgeren vælter/læner sin vægt ind mod føreren.

Lær hvordan en Volcada laves af tango instruktørerne Diego Blanco og Ana Padron, i denne Howcast Argentine tango dance video. Se den her –>


Uddrag fra instruktionen:

Ana: Hi, now we’re going to try the Volcada.

Diego: Volcada means to spill, so we’re going to get our partners to spill their weight on us. Generally you can do this in a big step, but we recommend that it’s done in a small amount. So let’s start with the side step, normally we step in the side step like so, but for the Volcada we’re going to step away from our partners so that they can spill their weight on us like so. A small step, if you take a little bigger step it’s too much for the ladies, their back is going to kill them, we don’t want that, it kills the chemistry. So just a sleight step back, to get that initiation, as you get that you’re going to give a circular feeling to cross as you step. The lead for the leader is side, around and goes, think of stirring something, like stirring a soup for instance, wha, pa, OK?

Ana: So you really, really want to pretend like you’re drawing a figure on the floor with your leg. And that will be portrayed through your upper body, so the purpose is to bring my left leg around into a cross off axis. For followers make sure that you’re embrace is really intact. And what you want to do is you don’t want to collapse your back in the embrace, keeping that technique of spine straight, it’s like doing a plank pose in yoga, you’re going to slightly do a small push up, and the flexion will happen in your ankles, and as he takes you forward you let that leg loose from the hip joint. So as he takes me to the side I’m already slightly off axis and he brings my leg around. It’s really important that you keep your leg loose from the hip joint, so then you can create a nice circular move.

Diego: Yes. Leaders make sure that you do not do this with the arm again, you move the torso as a whole piece. Pa, wha, boom. Not pa, wha. Let’s try it. [pause] Notice that I’m arranging my footwork again. From here I make sure that she gets back in her place, and then we continue.

Ana: So ladies, help your partner and bring your body back to axis. Don’t stay expecting him to hold onto you. So as he steps closer to your axis bring your whole spine upright.

Diego: Adjusting your feet is good in tango, you need to be comfortable, always think comfortable. As a leader this is your responsibility as well as a follower. And there you have it.

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